Come and be welcome to the lair of the huntress cat, Amanda. But be wary. She's strong, she's swift, and she's stealthy.

One time she caught a fly on the wing. It was buzzing around by the window and suddenly she pounced, knocked it flat down and killed it. She wanted to eat it to, but I didn't think that was so good for her, so I took it away. Not wanting her to feel deprived of her prey, I gave her a big handful of turkey treats in trade. She didn't seem to mind.

She's a total cuddle cat too. She loves to sleep on my bed with me and, first thing in the morning, she will jump on my bed (if she isn't there already) and insist on a cuddle. But it has to be on her terms. She'll walk off and come right back -- don't follow her. If she's not in the mood, forget cuddling. If she is, forget doing anything else.

She's a mage's apprentice, or so it seems. Sometimes she will just disappear and we can't find her anywhere. Then, an hour or so later, she'll walk over to us as if nothing were going on. I don't trust her on that one. There are only so many places to hide in the apartment.

When we first got her from North Shore Animal League, she was so malnourished that her stomach was swollen. I held her and she put a paw on my chest, looked up at my face, and mewled plaintively. That was it. There was no way she was going back into the cage after that. She was just a little kitten, and Taffy adopted her as her own. She'd lick her head and clean her ears. Amanda would purr and kneed her and Taffy would let her.

Sleepy time for Amanda.

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