Candy's a little scared to be on the web. She's afraid of the spiders. She's a naturally timid cat. When we first got her, she was almost the opposite of her sister, Taffy. Where Taffy was totally calm around people (getting scared of almost anything was far too much effort for Taffy) Candy would do nothing but hide. Jason (Sharron's boyfriend) thought she'd gotten out of the apartment somehow and we'd lost her. People thought we made this cat up. We couldn't find her. Then she'd start making little appearances, "Candy sightings" we called them. She'd look at us from the other side of the apartment for a few minutes, then flee. That got her the nickname of "UFO" for Unseen Feline Object.

After we had give the cats a flea bath, John (my boyfriend) laid on the floor, at eye level with her and gave her some tuna as a treat for being a good kitty. That was it. She fell in love with him. Now, whenever he is over, she follows him around. She is sure to be in whatever room he is in. For that, she earned the nickname, "stalker cat".

Here she is playing with Hikari. We walked into the living room and found them like this. Usually he's beating her up. She really doesn't defend herself against him like the other cats do and he's still too young to know how rough he's being so we have to chase him away from her a lot.

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