Dokuritsu passed away on February 18, 2010 of renal failure. She died at home, surrounded by those who loved her. She was 15 years old.

The alpha cat would like to welcome you to her website. She is a rather regal, and quite tempermental, kitty. Her name means "independence" in Japanese and she certainly lives up to that. She's my very first cat. She's very loving when she wants to be. She loves to sit on my lap or sleep on my stomach. And she's very intelligent. Once, Taffy got herself trapped in a cupboard and Dokuritsu rescued her.

She had been getting very lethargic and we thought she was just getting older, but it turned out she had some problems with her liver because of her weight (she's a very obese kitty cat). Her veternarian has her on a diet of only high quality proteins and has her taking milk thistle (she hates it) twice a day. She's perked up. She's more active and more involved with us. She plays more. She looks healthier.

She's decided Jason's jacket makes a nice bed.

Dokuristu has her own blog.