Dokuritsu's Blog

April 1, 2005

A while ago we bought some new lamps and we've kept the boxes as we are planning to empty out the foyer and get a new carpet there. Well, now Dokuritsu has claimed one of these boxes as her new hiding spot. I wasn't sure if she could get out on her own, but she can without any trouble. Don't ask me how she gets in there, however.

March 30, 2005

So last night I picked some some adult cat food for Candy and Amanda. Hmm, I have to get back into cooking for the kitties, especially if everyone will be eating differently. It's easier to control it if I'm just sneaking extra chicken around as needed. Anyway, Dokuritsu opened the bag and helped herself to some. I found her muching away at it. At least she opened it from the top (the bag was lying down).

March 29, 2005

Great news from the vet. She's lost weight. Her liver function is within normal limits. Her blood work and her exam show nothing wrong with her (though she should still lose more weight). She's a perfectly healthy kitty. I'm thrilled, and she'll be even more thrilled that she's not getting any more milk thistle.

March 24, 2005

Dokuritsu is in serious need of hugging time. She is definitely sending signs that she wants to be petted more and cuddled more and played with more and I darn well intend to comply. She even plays with the kitten. She swashes her tail at him and he attacks it. She flicks it away, then swashes it at him again.

She's going to the vet on Sunday to have her blood run, just to check up on her liver condition.

February 17, 2005

Dokuritsu used to jump on the bed with me at night, to cuddle. She stopped doing that some time ago; she just laid around on her back on the floor at night. Well, last night for the first time in a long time she decided to come over and cuddle with me. Her coat is starting to look so much nicer too, though I'm not sure why the milk thistle or the change in diet would do that.

February 5, 2005

This is me and my darling Dokuritsu. I just wanted to show how big she is in comparison to a human. She's my little warrior.