How to Give a Cat a Pill

Welcome. If you've reached these instructions your probably tired of the mix of airy-fairy instructions that won't work once a real cat gets involved, and the joke sites, which are probably closer to the truth. Well, you've come to the right place.

Step one occurs in the veterenarian's office. The question you need to ask isn't "does this come in liquid form?" It doesn't. If it did, the vet would have given it to you that way. The question is "can I give kitty some turkey first?" If you can, give the cat a nice helping of turkey about an hour before you have to give her the pill. The tryptophan in turkey will make her sleepy and a little easier to deal with.

Step two. Put the cat on the couch and sit next to her. You need enough room to get your whole upper body into this. Wrap your arm around the car so that the entire forarm rests against the seat of the couch. Use your entire arm to pin the cat against your body. You want to hold her firmly without hurting her.

Step three. With your other hand, put the pill in the cat's cheek against the back teeth. Be patient and keep your finger on the pill. In about a minute she will open her mouth to try to push the pill (and your finger) out. When she does, push the pill onto the back of her tongue and hold her mouth shut. If you've done this, the hard part is over.

Step four. Hold the cat's mouth closed and slowly, and gently, tap her on the wet part of her nose. Two or three taps should do. She'll lick her nose, and when she does, she will have swallowed the pill.