He's cuddly, he's cute, he's totally crazy. He's Hikari.

On December 19, 2004, we took home our newest family member, and our first male cat, a green-eyes, black and white American Shorthair that we named Hikari. His name means "light" in Japanese.

At the vet, he was the sweetest thing. He clinged to us. He purred. He was absolutely loving. So much so that Sharron carried him the whole way home on her lap rather than let him ride in the carrier.

His introduction with Candy was all we could have hoped for. They sniffed each other and she licked him on the head. I think she likes him.

His introduction to Dokuritsu and Amanda was a bit less delightful. He hissed at them. They sniffed him a little, and basically ignored him. Dokuritsu is tried to be patient and kind. Amanda was suspicious at best.

After a while he went "Incredible Hulk" on us and just wigged out. He started hissing at us and hiding from us. This lasted about 20 minutes and then he went back to happy purring kitty. I think there is a bit of a Yami inside this Hikari. We suspect it's just a bit of sensory overload exacerbated by having been neutered yesterday. Sharron played with him with a cat toy and had him running around in circles chasing a tinsel ball on a string. He really likes that toy. It's Dokuritsu's favorite, so I hope she doesn't mind sharing.

To follow the continuing adventures of this wild and crazy kitten, and see more pictures of him as he grows, check out Hikari's Blog.