Hikari's Blog.

March 30, 2005

I bought him yet another catnip bird. Well this one isn't technically a bird. It's supposed to be a white mouse but it looks like a tiny badger to me. I still have to set it up for him.

The poor little guy is stressed. It's either because Sharron is in the hospital (her stomach is giving her problems) or because he hates my new earrings (I just had my ears peirced -- again -- yesteday; they keep closing) but he jumped up on my bed and slapped me yesterday. Left a nice long scratch too. He jumped up. He looked at me. He slapped me. He ran away. What a little nut. But he's so darn cute I can't get mad at him. Then he spent the night on my bed, sleeping next to me.

March 29, 2005

That fourth bird had a short life. He's getting too good at breaking the string on these. I need to spin some nylon/hemp/silk blend to make something strong enough to stand up to him for a while. Now he's taking to watching Smallville on DVD with me. I think cats do have favorite TV shows. Amanda likes colorful programs, like cartoon and anime. She'll watch Teen Titans. Taffy was always scared of Demon City Shinjuku, at least the scene where the cat gets ripped apart in the alley. Yes, I'm raising feline couch potatoes.

March 24, 2005

Hikari is now on his fourth catnip bird. He's become quite adept at tearing them down and running around the house with them in his mouth.

Last night we set up a water fountain for Candy and he decided it was very cool. He always paws the ground before drinking something, but he does it much more with the fountain. I think he wants the water to stay still.

February 17, 2005

Hikari has started the difficult, and quite consuming work of destroying his third catnip bird. This is a toy that hangs by an elastic cord from the kitchen doorframe. He jumps up, grabs it down, and tried to take it in his mouth and walk off with it. It takes him about a week to a week and a half to totally rip down a bird, then he brings it to Sharron and lays it at her feet.

February 13, 2005

Our little boy has discovered the inside of the refrigerator. He jumped fully onto the bottom shelf and I had to get him out. He was only in there for a few seconds but his paws got cold. Now every time I want to open the fridge, if he's in the room, I have to get him out of the way first or he'll hop right in.

February 5, 2005

Hikari's vet put him on a pill anti-biotic (1/4 pill a day for 8 days). At the end of the fourth day his stomach finally became normal. We're finishing out the medicine because that is what the vet told us to do. He's taking to sitting in the bathtub (many of our cats do that when the apartment gets really warm) and trying to walk away with my knitting. He'll just take a bit of the yarn in his mouth and leave with it, unravelling the skein as he goes. He's got a fish, suspended by an elastic cord, attached the the kitchen doorframe to play with and he keeps trying to catch it, pick it up in his mouth, and carry it to us. He has this sweet, earnest look on his face when he's coming over, until the cord goes too tight and he has to struggle with it. Right now he's found the little drain cover and he's chasing it all over the bathtub.

January 28, 2005

Here he is in early January, 2005. He found my basket of yarn and roving. Now I have to hide it because those fibers aren't good for a kitten. He's lost the bruise on his nose and he's more than doubled in size. He's teething now, so he likes to chew on us. He's also gotten into picking up his toys and carrying them to us so in order to entice us to play with him. He's a funny little guy.

He went to the veterenarian about a loose stomach, and I was told what we were feeding him (a very well-respected kitten food) is actually no good for him. They use rotted meat and inappropriate parts of the chicken. The more I talk to people in the know about how pet food is made, the more nausiated I am at what I have been feeding my fluffies. To that end, Sharron and I have started cooking for the cats, with our veterenarian's permission. He gave us the proportions of food that the cats should have, and I am posting it here. I would suggest, before making any change to a pet's diet (or before deciding not to) speak to your veterenarian. It stands to reason that healthier diets lead to healthier animals.

Hikari is a very fussy eater. He likes his food fresh, not reheated. He will gladly eat dry kitten food, but he won't eat dry chicken at all. We're probably going to have to put his food in the food processor, with some chicken gravy and make our own moist cat food.

As an addendum, Sharron did put it, with some water, in the food processor tonight and the cats and the kitten went nuts for it. They love it.

Sharron wrapped Hikari in a bath towel. Doesn't he look cute?

Sharron holding Hikari.