This Recipe My Veternarian Gave for Healthy Cat and Kitten Food

%60 chicken
%25 cooked vegetables
%15 brown rice
a sprinkle of Pet_Tabs granules for cats
a crushed up Tums tablet for calcium

He said that a lot of popular brands, including some that have a reputation for quality, use spoiled meat and chicken body parts like beaks and claws -- things you would never want to feed a cat. I like the idea of preparing the food myself, because now I know my cats are getting fresh, quality food, and no nasty chemicals.

At first the kitten didn't like it, but then Sharron figured to puree it in the cuisinart with a little water and the cats and kitten totatlly adore it.

As a disclaimer, I am not a veterenarian, just an animal lover. Not every diet is right for every cat. Older cats, cats with medical conditions, kittens, and pregnant and nursing cats all have different dietary needs. I do know that feeding a cat the right food can make a big difference in their health. I'd like to encourage you, if you are a cat owner, to ask your veternarian to research the foods that are out there and give you professional advice on what the best food is for your cat's needs.