Savil, Our cherished Grey Persian

The death of our cat Savil was a massive shock for us. There was no sign of illness and only a few hours earlier she was running around like a nut trying to escape from being locked in the bedroom for an hour or so while Ivy and I lit Hanukah candles. We had our boyfriends over and were doing our typical get together Tuesday evening and watch anime.

We let the cats out about 8:00 and continued to have a great time until our guests left at about 10:30. Ivy and I were just hanging out, getting ready for bed when Ivy walked over to her side of the bed she found Savil. She was already very stiff and I’m guessing she had been gone at least an hour, maybe two.

We never got the chance to say good-bye. I am left dumb-founded and numb by all of this. I wish I know why this happened, but I never will. Even if we did an autopsy which would have cost 100’s of dollars, there was little chance of getting a definitive answer according to 2 vets. (One we spoke with over the phone that night and the other was our regular vet.)

We loved our little long-haired grey cat. She was affectionately known as a D&D 10th level food thief – who would eat anything whether you wanted her to or not. Once I made a big chicken dish for company, walked outside the kitchen for about a minute, came back and found her walking in it… purring, eating. Boy, did I chase and yell at her that day…

She would eat anything – matzo, bread, green beans, chicken, hamburger… once the vet asked us what she ate and after we told him he replied “… have you considered cat food.” We did leave out plenty of that, but goat that she was it didn’t help us save our human food. She especially went nuts for wheat germ and would cry if we didn’t put a little of it on her food.

The wheat germ story started because the vet told us one of our other cats needed to eat some (I think one had an inflection or something, I don’t remember why exactly). That cat of course, wouldn’t eat it and Savil of course said, ”Yummy!”

Despite her love of food, she was always very thin since the day we got her. She was always a very active cat and loved to run around the house like a lunatic. As with most cats her favorite toy was anything that had catnip and finding pleasure humping the water bowl before we spayed her.

Most of all Savil loved to remind us that she loved us. When she wanted to be pet… you pet her. If you didn’t she would stick her head under your hand and rub herself against it; thereby you pet her. She loved sitting on the kitchen table and sitting on anything you found interesting (or at least needed to take care of)… this included but was not limited to bills, magazines and newspapers, and laptop keyboards. She would paw-poke your hand when you tried to read and let out a load “MEEEOW” if you ignored her.

If I could somehow say something to her again it would be, “You are my little fuzz-face and we love you and we want to just hold you forever and never let you go because you are such a special, wonderful little fur-ball. You make everyone happy and laugh when you were around.”

Mommy Sharron

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