Our Cherished Pet, Savil

On December 14, 2004, we had to say goodbye to our precious persian cat, Savil. She died suddenly, and without warning. At 8 pm she was feisty, seemingly healthy, and strong. By 10:30 we found her body stiff with rigor mortis. It was a terrible shock. She was only eight years old. Our vet isn't sure the cause of death, but he thinks it might have been a stroke or a coronary failure.

Savil loved to be the center of attention. Sharron loved to goof off, balancing skeins of yarn on her head or, as here, putting a bracelet on her as a crown. She was a pedigree show cat. She was genetically too small to compete and so she was sold to us as a pet. We gawked at her plenty. And she never shied away from the camera.

She loved to be with humans and play with humans pretty much all the time. She would smush her face under a hand to get pet. She would claw at my hand to try to get me to pet her, or paw my nose at night. She would sit on my books or on my knitting because she wanted me to pay attention to her all the time. She never failed to get petted and played with. She was a sweetheart. Everyone was charmed by her playful and friendly nature. She was a charmer. I would hold my hand over her head and she's jump and rub against it. Or I would hold out my hand and make petting motions in the air and she'd come running.

Sharron and I fell so in love with her when we found her at the show that both Sharron and I emptied our wallets to put a down payment on her. John, my boyfriend, chipped in the last bit. He used to tease that he owned the tail.

She was born Savannah, but she didn't like that name and we changed it to Savil, after a character in Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald Mage series.

As Sharron said, Savil loved to eat. We got a picture of her leading the charge to the food bowl. This is one of the few photos we have of all five cats together.

We will miss you, my dear, sweet persian. I love you so much. Rest in Peace, darling, and know we'll always remember you.