Miriam's Tribute to Savil

I was ambitious to write a poem for Savil, but after some struggle I realized that poetry isn't as graceful as cats are - mine isn't, anyway. I generally found Savil on the kitchen table when I visited, a curving curlicue of lovely gray down. I would sit at the table and look in her eyes, and she would look back at me, and I'd usually start to laugh, because of her tongue, always sticking goofily out to one side. Then I'd stick my tongue out at her, but I could never attain that level of sublime goofiness. She didn't mind - most cats have a well-developed sense of vanity, and take offense easily, but she was much sweeter than most cats.

Watching her walk was amazing - her hair was so long she seemed to have no visible legs, and seemed to just float along, a segment of fluff drifting weightlessly over the carpet. Her fur was beautiful - to see her was to pet her, though it was quite a challenge for me to find her little knob of a head and slim body under all that fuzz. Once I did, she really appreciated the petting, thanking me with a gracious purr.

I will miss her grace and beauty. I wasn't aware of her history as a pedigreed show cat until I read her website, but it doesn't surprise me a bit. She may have been too small to show, but she certainly deserved blue ribbons and trophies for being the embodiment of all the best qualities one can find in a beloved cat.