Taffy was a good as a feline companion could be. She was never unhappy (as her purring could be heard from the next block) and there was a ton of love given to her.

I was her "unofficial" daddy. She always used to look at me with love and affection and yeah, I was. I always denied it in front of the cat--but in my heart she was just as much my cat as was Sharron and Ivy's. I always used to buy her litter and cat food. I never complained about it, because Taffy asked nicely (i.e she looked cute at me).

One of my favorite stories is during a Passover before Sharron and Ivy had their car, we had to take three cats to North Shore Animal League for spaying. We were so hungry and we didn't know where a supermarket was. So we were dragging three cats in their carriers across Long Island and when we found Tuna...Taffy wanted it bad....it was one of her favorite things. But we couldn't give it to her...she gave us the big saucer blue eyes...but it couldn't be done.

After spaying she was so on drugs that we had to take the water away. The walk that she gave across the house was priceless. It was a "Left Paw, Right Paw...flop" (repeat as necessary). Sharron couldn't help but laugh. Neither could I.

Taffy, thank you for being a good cat. You gave us unconditional love for 9 years. And you made all of us better people while in this world. I will miss hugging you and hearing you purr. But knowing you are on my Nanny's lap, purring for her...with Bruno I and II(my departed feline brothers) is a comfort.

I love you.