Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Most of these patterns are written to work with whatever yarn you like. You can use anything from stash, or you can use your own handspun.

Waffle Stitch Baby Hat -- a good pattern for people who want to move into sock knitting as well, since it covers some of the same things, such as kitchner stitch and working on dpns. I try to cover those in detail to make it easier.

You can knit a Business Card Holder with about an ounce of yarn. It's quick and it's fun.

Hats -- these are general guidelines for any kind of hat you would like to knit. For a more specific knit pattern, try the one I use for my Learn to Knit video lessons done in garter stitch and worsted weight yarn.

Amulet Bag to knit, with a nice little flap

A Paperclip Tray to crochet in the round. You don't even need to do a gauge swatch, but you do need a firm fabric.